My Composition

Life's a walk of memory. Sometimes u get upset n down, sometimes happy n excited like flying. De more u taste, de more u understand. U should always appreciate it for that not all people can get a chance to feel it. Let it be on ur head n u'd get a smile from it some day ahead. Let all my memories be in my songs. I'll forget everything when i stop composing and singing them.

Thursday, April 5, 2007

If I Would Die Tomorrow!if i would die tomorrow! BY: Cameor Band

New Composition - New Album

BY: CAMeor bAnd

The vocal version will be released soon some time this month. This song's expected to be the first real production of our CAMeor bAnd. The project's starting tomorrow when the band's ready.

Gonna be a smashing hit of the year of CAMeoR. Check it out by clicking here or the above icon.

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Thursday, March 1, 2007

rith & samuth sleep naked here
Ya Now My Girlfriend hehe

Not so new composition

This piece of music was composed about few months ago. It's not the first composition, but it's one of my favorite works so far. I like it because of its happy tone and comic meaning... Here's what it's about:

it's the love that one can hardly imagine.. i meet you just like a dream.. emm.. never meet, how can we love.. is it a destiny from the past?

so sick of finding the right one to love.. walk in a sleep with praying and wishes.. eager to meet a sweetheart to discard all the stresses and loneliness.. yeah to have one so that none gona say i'm tasteless..

now ya damn beautiful.. so beautiful through out the day and night.. whatever you wear.. nothing can be compared.. oh god all men would cry of jealousy..

hehe from today, this time, this hour on.. ya my girlfriend.. throughout my lifetime span.. i'm gona kiss your cheek.. yeah i kiss all over, darling! hohoooooooooooooooooo yeah heeeeeeeeeee..

okie that's about it.. i was very happy to come up with this song man, but i dun wana read it hehe.. so sth.. nvm.. lie on destiny.. a man will never die without one last kiss..

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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

view lyric here
Hooo.. My Khmer composition here..

When you laugh, i smile; and when you cry, i'm always there beside you, sharing your sorrow and enlighten your days..
I would not have the power to light up the whole world, but at least i have a little light just like a candle to brighten you and brighten our love...
Even the star, moon and the sun are still not as bright as our love -- they have time to leave, they have time to run away; but we're forever together.
Our love's strong; its light's immortal... nothing can blow it out.
Wait for what... Check it out and show your here or click the picture to view lyric.

Friday, December 8, 2006

Here's coming...

Guitar chords for my beloved composition:

Declare you


Thursday, December 7, 2006



For those who have comed into my lives. You're all my love. Don't feel left out coz you always have your friends behind supporting you. Though they might not be around when you encounter problems, you're always in their mind. I believe in friendship. Take me as one of those in your heart. Click here to see the composition: MY FRIENDS.

Saturday, November 18, 2006


Declare you "MY PRINCESS"

Yeah this song's composed in a day of my happy feeling. I can immediately make things up as long as i'm happy. Oh but dun think too far. Nothing's much. It's just that i can change my feelings very fast because of some reason. Not necessarily the reason that you are thinking now. Kinda fun; sometimes happy and sometimes like going crazy... this's life my brothers.

Composition: I'm Broken Hearted

This song is composed as for a memory of my feeling over a room that has changed my behavior. I dun really know how i am now. Am i happy to be like this?